I blame it all on "The Book"

My sciatica is driving me mad. So mad, that I uncharacteristically phoned my younger sister at 8:15 this morning in order that she could remind me which Yoga poses help relieve this condition. Frances was somewhat surprised but generally sympathetic. Sympathy from a fellow sufferer was key. Answer: gentle Sun Salutations and carefully executed Downward Dog. 

I blame The Book.

On Wednesday I stood up for 2 hours during The Celebration of The Book. at work. On Thursday morning,  I stood up and climbed up and down a step stool for three hours installing the faculty authors' Books into a display. Later that day I sat for several hours in one of those nasty folding chairs that they have in school auditoriums and movie theatres listening to eminent authors speak. Now I lie recuperating under the Grey Amusement.

In knitting, I am on row 88 of the Hemlock Ring Blanket, really an oversized doily which I am knitting in Berrocco Ultra Alpaca on 4.5 mm needles. I'm on the third skein and it's beginning to feel quite heavy. I've set it aside until I can get my hands on a longer circular needle.

Knitting the Ring was a nice holiday from the cardigan but now it seems a relief to get back to smaller needles and finer yarn. What was I thinking? I've knit the back close to what I think will be the underarms (had to block it to be sure) and then read about gussets in gansey books, namely - Beth Brown-Reinsel and Gladys Thompson

Having read, I decided to knit the fronts and cast them on, 60  stitches each including 7 for seed stitch at the center. I knit them up until they are the same as the back and then arrange fronts and back on one big needle and proceed. I have to think about the sleeves some more though.

Spring is in full throttle with everything blooming at once from Forsythia to Red Bud and Lilac not mention the usual bulbs and fruit trees... 





shandy said…
I really enjoyed your garden pictures.

I find that sciatica is eased by delberately stretching that leg straight out while lying in bed. I have also found that a couple of simple painkillers will ease a seemingly relentless, grinding pain, and it doesn't re-establish itself. I don't understand this but have found it to be so.
Raveller said…
Thank you, Shandy. I got away with taking two ibuprophen and doing a whole lot of stretching exercises. Now I'm staggering around again as if nothing happened!

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