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Lakeside to Garden

My Ravelry project page says I started this in May, but you know I think it was April. 
Pattern: Cobweb Crepe by Sharon Miller Yarn: Malabrigo Sock (2 skeins) for centre and Ambrosia (Knit One Crochet Too - 4.5 skeins) for the edging on 3.25 mm (US 3) needles.
The pattern calls for a larger Old Shale border, but I simply stopped knitting the border when I came to end of the 2nd skein of Malabrigo Sock and then looked for a yarn for the edging. I was severely enabled by my friends at the Yarn Boutique and ended up using Ambrosia, a merino, cashmere and silk blend. It's heavier than the Sock and to make up for that I caught up an extra stitch on every third return edging row. I like that the edging is slightly heavier and more sumptuous than the centre. Mmmm. All mine! 
Things seem finally to be settling down. My ankles are much better though I haven't dared a trip to the gym yet. A bit at a time. 

The End of June: Watching Socks Dry

I don't have much to show this month. I'm still knitting away on the endless Clematis edging and a couple of pairs of socks. I don't seem to have what it takes to get on with the Pine Tree Palatine which is a shame since I'm past halfway through it. See it sitting here in its bag...

Meanwhile, far, far away, my daughter has washed all the socks that I've made for her over the years...

There are many socks in my kingdom, thinks Bruno.

They have all been washed and hung up to dry, guarded by the Boojums.

One sock, two sock, red sock, blue sock...

Boojums and Bruno: what a wonderful thing to have one's knitting appreciated!