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Wildebeest off the needles!

I never said I would be good at keeping up with this, but here's an update. I have recently completed the Wildebeest and am stalled on the Mark II. Wildebeest is a lovely shawl. I finished it with a simple black scalloped edging of Mission Falls 1824 Wool. I was pleased with the way this yarn blocked around some pretty pointy corners and with the way it blended with the Di.Ve Autunno that I used for the coloured center. Definitely one to wear outside the house.

The Mark II is another matter. I keep worrying that I'm going to come upon another weakness in the yarn. When I'm coming near the end of a skein, I keep asking myself when I should just give up on it and start a new one. I've finished the back - 22 inches from underarm to hem and am halfway up the fronts. I think I'll keep at it because I still have an encouraging image in my mind of how it will look when it's finished. The gauge and width are working out nicely but I need to start something else. Somethi…

The Mark II

This is an adaptation of The Breton Jacket (IK Fall 2006, page 104). I'm using a sport weight yarn - Brunswick Yarns Pomfret Mark II in the Blue Ridge Heather colourway. I'm getting a gauge of 6 stitches to the inch on 3.75 mm (US 5) needles. This is from an old batch of yarn that was stashed in a cedar attic for many years by a woman who ran a yarn shop many years ago in a distant state. The yarn is probably 25 years old or more. Because it was so carefully kept, it seems to be in pretty good shape. Knock on wood.

Puts me in mind of a pair of sheepskin ankle boots I wore to work once. On the return trip, coming up the stairs at the Verdun Avenue Metro with the rush hour crowd, the smell of wet wool in the air, my feet began to feel very odd. After the first flight, I switched to the escalator and peeked at my foot. Panic set in. I could distinctly see my sock in an unexpected gap between the sole and the upper. Erp!

This was a pair of boots my mother bought probably twenty year…