Mother's Day post

I remember my parents laughing and saying that this is a consumers' holiday, meant to sell cards and flowers.   We kids would bring home presents that we made in school, pictures and the like. We all kind of sort of observed mother's day with a small "m," more and more as the years went by though it was never a catastrophe if you forgot it. 

My Dad likes to remind us that this holiday is a spin-off of Mothering Sunday, a church holiday dating from medieval days, which gave spread-out families a rare opportunity to gather together on the fourth Sunday of Lent.

On Mother's Day, I like to put my feet up for a while and think about my mother and what a wonderful person she was. I won't go on, so here she is in pictures... 

My father's mother, my older sister, me and our mum holding us up on a wall, way back in the dark ages of the 1950's, in springtime, somewhere in the North of England, doubtless all wearing at least one knitted garment...

Much later, my mother, probably around 1980, flogging her hand woven and tailored clothes at a fibre event...


I just love this picture of her sewing in what was a spare bathroom in our house....


I hope everyone had a good day.


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