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Lovingly Begun

One evening a few weeks ago, the discussion at the Yarn Boutique turned to the second hand craft shop in Fairport, NY - Craft Bits and Pieces. It's in the plaza upstairs from the Fairport Public Library. Run by volunteers, this shop takes in, sorts, and sells used craft supplies at low prices, all to raise money for elders. Great idea, right?

Someone told a story about someone else who picked up a passle of Addi's there at a buck a piece. Urban myth or true tale? We talked about a section of the shop that I have never noticed but which I find intriguing - Lovingly Begun. Apparently they regularly take in unfinished projects and the supplies to finish them. The volunteers tidy them up and package them together for sale. I don't get out to Fairport often, but when I do, I always stop by, if only to peruse the 80's patterns. 

And here's my own "lovingly begun project." Some years ago, too many to say, I made a garage sale purchase that included 21 blue and whi…