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The Hour of the Red Bud Drags On...

This Red Bud tree has been blooming for over a month, since the mercury hit 85 F/ 30 C in early March and pushed many plants to flower early. We planted it soon after moving into our house  over a decade ago. My husband has trimmed and shaped it over the years. His careful work probably prevented the branches from breaking under the weight of the wet Spring snow that fell this past week.
This Birch is also very flexible, dare I say friendly. We planted it too, though it's not one of our favorites. It's tall and lopsided, like some loopy relative. We can't bear to get rid of it.

Our Lilacs didn't fare well at all and in fact one of them was uprooted under the weight and had to be taken out. In nearby Highland Park, which is home to more than a thousand Lilacs, there were many victims. Every time we drove to and from work, we saw piles of sawn off branches along the road.

The next day, the snow was all gone, and although the temperatures have fallen below freezing on severa…

That Spring photo

This is the Spring picture that I promised yesterday, but was unable to upload. We're having a gorgeous but uncharacteristically dry and drawn out season. 

Will this ever end?

I keep hoping that things will soon be back to normal in our house and that I will be able to return to my regular habits. Foolish me, though I think things are going in the right direction. The renovations ended a week ago and the workers are gone. The results are good overall - our early 60's kitchen has been replaced with everything clean and new, a long enough bathtub and a room for guests installed in the basement.  A week of evenings was spent shelf papering. I used contact paper, a sticky, hellish invention. There was the task getting things back into the right places in kitchen. There's still the dining room to set to rights. While almost all the boxes are unpacked a steady layer of dust settles over everything.
I was going to post a photo of what our Spring is looking like, but Blogger is misbehaving. Spring got going early and everything started blooming in mid March. There was a heat wave and it was 85 F/29 C on our second floor. Magnolias blooms were ruined by a …