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On my birthday

...I went into the sunny garden, barefoot with my shawl and did dirty things with my socks in the name of knitting.

Really, I just put them over the ends of these bench legs so the Diamond Fir Cone wouldn't get messed up while I draped it there for photographs. I was desperately trying to get good pictures of the shadows of the lace.
This small shawl really does want to be a diamond rather than a square. The fir cone motif is 2 holes by 4 holes and so it stretches more in one direction than the other. I have high hopes for a second shawl with the same centre. I'm going to give it a bigger border. This one has a few rows of garter stitch with a row of holes in the middle before geing finished with Sharon Miller's Doris edging. I wanted to keep it fairly small as it is a present for my petite stepmother for her 90th birthday. But this was my birthday so I took it for a whirl.

Slide show here (26 seconds, no music):

Then I came inside, put on my favorite socks and ate cake.

Slow Going

I've been chugging away at the edging on the pink blanket for more that a week now and I've just reached the half way point. It's a simple edging - Sharon Miller's Traditional Peaked Shawl Edging - but the knitting is very heavy. It makes my hands hurt after a while and it is turning out to be much larger than I thought it would be - it may end up 5 feet by 5 feet. I have come to accept that I won't be able to finish it in time for the christening.

To rest my hands, I have started to work on an edging for the pale green-blue fir cone diamond. I'm using the Doris edging - it's relatively simple and narrow. The whole thing is much lighter and easier to manage. It's whipping along. I should have it finished some time this week and I will post a photo then. It's a birthday present. I've started another fir cone in a dull blue gray Karabella Lace Merino. Can you see it in this bed of Ajuga?

I have yet to decide what I'll do with this diamond. T…

Okay, Okay...

My little contest induced some of you lurkers to come out and comment, for which I am happy. Others have been phoning each other and me with guesses (all wrong).
So. I'll tell you now what was making the noise that had my neighbour and the police in a such twist - it was the dying battery of a pager. Said pager was lying on top of the refrigerator which is situated under a cupboard. The cupboard is under a stairway. Go figure.
Meanwhile, here is my progress on the pink blanket. I've just started the edging.