Buttonholes...yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

I am determined that the buttonholes on my Koigu cardi will be nice and not in need of reinforcement like the ones on the North Sea jacket.

First, I tried Elizabeth Zimmermann's method of making buttonholes on page 73 of The Knitting Workshop. OK, but the corners were a bit weak.

Then I went to YouTube.

I followed along with this method and it worked well:

This one is from Brazil and shows two methods of making horizontal buttonholes that look really good. Proves that the language of knitting is international! Here's the blog of Regina Rogers. She has some other great videos on YouTube too:

Then I started typing the word "knitting" in foreign languages into the search box for example, вязяния means knitting in Russian. I came up with more fun videos. These dames have a whole series in Russian called Crazyknitting. I was going to show you part one, but it includes a long segment of someone's husband eating a piece of chicken, rather too long and too close up. Here's a respectable segment that demonstrates how to knit a fringe...

In French, a series on le tricot, sounding very nice:

Anything to avoid actually doing the buttonholes....and finally, for the non knitters among us....a good laugh...


Marjorie said…
Thanks for posting those videos. I never thought to do that, even though I used to get French and Italian knitting magazines in the 70s when there were no US knitting magazines. You should also check knittinghelp.com. There is a video there for the second buttonhole in the Brazilian video. I've used that buttonhole, and the video helped me figure out what to do.

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