Mindless knitting and a visit to a garden

It is Memorial Day weekend here in the US. Last Monday was "the Queen's Birthday" in Canada and, I assume in other places too. So good to have an extra day off work to rest and get ahead in the garden.

On Saturday, some friends and I visited Linwood Gardens, the horticultural attraction of which is its distinguished collection of Tree Peonies, some of which were developed there. The garden is owned by a family trust and is only opened to the public a few days a year. Creative workshops are also offered at other times. There is a very Rudolf Steiner-ish feel to the place, perhaps because of the delicate beauty of the surroundings and the atmosphere of cultivated artistry.

When you arrive the family welcomes you, along with the calmest dog ever:


There are the remains of an Arts and Crafts period house which burned down many years ago. Lunch is served outdoors and there are, of course, the gardens.

Here is a beautifully restored formal garden:


Another with an old swimming pool...


Masses and masses of Tree Peonies...



A collection of very old children's playhouses...


And just when when you think you think the trees have all finished blooming, you are struck by the beauty of the Red Bud...


I took the plain center of a baby blanket with me to knit and gazed at the view from a horizontal position. No that is not my stomach - just my jacket bunching up!


It was so lovely, I came back on Sunday with my husband. Then stopped by the requisite number of country nurseries to purchase tomato plants and admire annuals.

At home, I had planted Dahlia roots before leaving this morning as I expected to be completely knackered by the time we staggered home. Will turn my attention to the vegetable garden tomorrow. It's being taken over by strawberries and oregano at the moment. Something has got to go, most likely the oregano, which I never use. I continue to work on the Big Swatch cardigan - I have about 20 rows left on the body sections and then on to the sleeves. Looks like I may have enough yarn to do a collar of some kind.


Adamgv said…
The best thing to use is a fabric shaver. The best one I know of is on the link.
Marjorie said…
What a beautiful garden and a spectacular day. I haven't been that far upstate since I was a little girl, and it is a trip I hope to make again eventually. That garden will definitely be on my list.

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