A Darker Shade of Grey

You can see how much snow fell here on the weekend. Not as much as some places, but enough to make it an event.


I'm loving this blanket more every day. I covers my feet now. I switched to the Dark Charcoal Mohair stranded with the lighter grey alpaca/wool mix for the outer border and edging:


I knit the Sharon Miller's Double Scallop edging on one end, picking up one stitch of the border for every two rows of edging. It felt very heavy, maybe too much, so I blocked it to see if I'd have to frog it and do it over. I think this turned out nicely and now I'm really looking forward to the finished project. Not just any home-made blankie, this:


Confession...I ran out of the light grey yarn just before the beginning of the final edging so I frogged another project to recoup some of the yarn top use here! This is an old lap robe that I knit a couple of years ago for my chair at the office. I didn't know that I was capable of doing these wonderful lace patterns back then. I got so fed up with the feather and fan stitch that I prematurely ended my misery by adding a plain garter stitch border. It took up a lot of yarn. Perhaps I will have some left over to make fingerless mitts. In any case, I now have the center of a circular shawl waiting for a contrasting edging.


Colour next time. I promise.


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