All over the place

I have a new set of wips.

1. The Pine Tree Palatine scarf is creeping along on lace addis. I decided to do it in two colours for the usual reason - not enough yarn in one colour. I've gotten two teeth done in the body of the scarf, thus:

2. My short lived romance with the triangle shaped Heartland Lace Shawl is over. Not that it isn't a beautiful shawl! It is. I'm using Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine and I'm up to 215 atitches which is the number where you would normally start the border if you were using the yarn the pattern calls for - a somewhat heavier yarn. The alpaca is quite fine and I will have to slog on for a while before this will make even a suitably sized winter scarf. It's the kind of pattern you have to do with a clear mind, preferably early in the day. The the regular addis (2.75 mm) are very slippery. In short, I'm giving this project a tiny rest.

3. The Side to Side Pullover. Only guilt will lead me to finish this dull piece of knitting, hopefully soon.

4. Norah Gaughan is putting up a pattern called Wedgette on her Ravelry group in honour of an anniversary. It might be in honour of the anniversary of the group, I can't remember, but you can read about it here. Always a sucker for the unkown, I immediately cast on with some earth coloured RYC Cashsoft DK from my stash and 4 mm needles. I seem to be getting the correct gauge for now. Here's how it looks for starters. The initial instructions have been posted on Ravelry and on Nora's blog.


Helen said…
The Heartland looks lovely, but I see what you mean about the fineness of the yarn: that ball is going to take a l-o-n-g time to go down.
Marjorie said…
Everything looks beautiful. I'm thinking that it is time for me to take a brief break on my shawl too. I wish I could devote some of my sharp morning hours to it, but they're unavailable for knitting, even on the weekends.
Raveller said…
Helen, The Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine has 400 metres/433 yds and 100 grams - a good value. Helen
shandy said…
Great colours on the scarf. I'm not clear what the teeth refer to - is it a well-known pattern?
Raveller said…
The teeth? Sorry, I mean the points on the edging. I'm counting them to keep track of my progress. Galina Khmeleva calls them teeth. You can't really see them in this picture but you will when it is blocked.

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