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thnx, or smth

The red sweater has been pronounced lovely in several venues now and has been claimed by my younger sister Frances for her Xmas present. I've gotten over it not suiting me.

As you get older, it seems that what suited you in the past, no longer suits you and you've got to get used to a new set of colours. This is particularly upsetting for us hard headed types. While at the Finger Lakes Fibre Fest this weekend, I could be seen repeatedly holding skeins up to my face and asking nearby browsers for their opinion. In this way, I learned that others think that teal looks good on me now and coral does not. D-mn. Nor does the purpley blue of the Pine Tree Palatine, alas. Western New Yorkers take note: Jeannine Sims is taking names to knit with Galina Khmeleva here in Rochester on April 18th, 2009. You can contact her through the Rochester Knitting Guild. I must finish with the Pine Tree by then if I'm to hold my head up in April.

So, I've been consoling my self for the past wee…

Bit Red

It all started with a glimpse of a coral coloured swing jacket hanging in the LYS. I fell in love with the colour. I'd been wanting to knit a swing jacket for some time. I had to knit it. Knit what? Noro Design 15 by Jenny Watson.

I'm not one of these brave bloggers who is able to post about their sweater knitting every step of the way. I don't have good luck with sweaters. This morning, my sister even suggested that I should stick to lace shawls, and perhaps the odd shardigan. Shardigan? Google it. 'Nuff said.

I finished knitting this last week. I almost didn't blog about it at all, but I've decided it's not a total loss. It does fit and feels good. The worst thing is that the colour doesn't suit me. Not at all.

I made a lot of mods to the pattern.
First off, I made it longer than called for. I saw someone wearing it and decided it was just too short.I used a solid yarn rather than the variegated Noro called for by the pattern. I decided alternate two co…