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End of May

For the first time ever, I've had ripe strawberries in my garden during the month of May. I hear that there's been plenty of rain downstate while here, in Western New York we've been having a drought of sorts, very strange for May. My fingers are crossed for tomorrow. Right now, the peonies are blooming nicely.

It looks as though there will be an excellent gooseberry crop this year too. 

My tomato plants are still tiny. I planted them from seed, and late too, along with radishes, coriander and zinnias. What comes up, comes up. You can see the new fence here.

We have someone cutting the grass for us now as I am not up to doing my share. It's tremendously liberating, not have to think about the lawn. 
In KnittingLooking back, I see that the workshop that I attended with Galina Khmeleva took place in 2007. Five years ago! We spent 2 days in a community building in the middle of a field near Utica, NY learning the ins and outs of Orenburg lace knitting from Galina, instructor …

Sunday at the Lake

This was the most relaxing weekend since we started the renovation last Fall. On Saturday, we messed around in the garden, moving plants in preparation for a fence going up on Monday morning. Fingers crossed about that, but never mind.
On Sunday we took the Thruway to the rez, and then up to the lake, stopping for lunch on the way. It's a big lake. Usually there's a stiff breeze off it but at midday today, it was almost completely calm. 

K brought me a lawn chair to sit in since I'm still staggering around in a boot. Little waves were lapping on the shore...

I got going on my knitting while he went for a walk. This is the diamond knit centre for a Cobweb Crepe. Can't seem to get away from that pattern.

Lake Ontario is so big, you can't see the other side. Hmmm. Matching knitting.

Everything was perfect. There were masses of Admiral Butterflies landing on the Dandelions. Sorry, no photos of them. I didn't want to move.