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It was delicious, even the green one

Everything on this plate was spectacular and delicious, given to me by a friend. Still have chocolate and shortbread up the wazoo.
And, there was enough yarn for the vest except for the armbands which I did in a complementary colour of Heilo. Now I will get on to finishing the Warm Orenberg shawl I've been working on for some months.

Must think creatively

Sweater body found in back of cupboard was probably thrust there in disgust during past Xmas frenzy. There isn't enough yarn even to finish a sleeveless pullover.

If I could find some yarn that will blend with this, I could do a fair isle pattern across the chest and use the last of the King Cole Merino Blend DK on the shoulders. It's superwash. What would do? Heilo, er, help?

Xmas knitting back on?

I'm so excited! I've just had a windfall.

I was feeling around in the back of a cupboard this evening and came up with a half finished adult sized sweater body knit in the round up to the armholes. King Cole Merino DK. Knit, knit, knit...yay!

I pretend not to do Xmas knitting, but I think it's just a ruse to prevent myself from getting into a state of frustration and last minute frenzy.

What's in a name?

I haven't written here since the beginning of November. So hard to get near the computer at home, but I'm off for the day and I have the time to write and knit. Hooray!

The (Maximalist) Minimalist Cardigan lies in a heap on the ironing board. It is finished. Blocked, sewn and ironed. I am still in the denial phase. I'm telling myself that maybe it doesn't fit because I accidentally knit one size too big. This is true. But maybe it's because I didn't set the sleeves in right...or, it just occurred to me now - maybe I knit the back in one size and the fronts in a smaller size! No. I can't bear it. This will have to be a story for another day.

After the sweater disaster, I got down to knitting hats for our guild's community knitting effort. I had promised to knit some small hats in dark colours so gosh darn it, that's what I did. I knit two plain tuques in black Cascade 220, all the while thinking about Jared Flood''s (cool-ass) Koolhaas Hat fro…