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I've been paying more attention to nature's lace than to my own knitting these days, although I am making progress on several projects. Consensus has it that the Mystery Einband should revert to curtains. People think it's too scratchy to go right next to the skin. One knee sock has been finished and a second started. I've got a cotton jacket in the mid stages. Meanwhile, the outdoors beckon...

Some Icelandic Sheep, some Vegetables and a Pair of Socklets

Here are some Icelandic sheep which I saw in April. At that point, there were very few to be seen. We left just a few days before the annual release of the sheep from the barns. There were a few around, sticking close to home. I was told, however, that on a certain day, when the good weather comes, everyone lets out their sheep and they wander at will around the countryside. On an agreed upon date in the Fall, everyone chips in and helps round up the sheep from around the country. For helping, you may receive a sheep in return. If there are any Icelanders listening, am I correct? This is what I heard from a transplanted German. Anyway, this photo was taken from the car, somewhere south of ├×ingvallavatn. This is where the LOPI comes from!

I've been busy, but not knitting. I just finished three huge work related projects and I'm feeling good about that. It's beginning to feel like summer here in Western New York. Today I picked sour cherries at Schutt's. There's a goo…