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How I spent my 40 bucks

I bought wool, yeah.  I stayed in a hotel with this in this lobby. I should've stood next to it. It was my height and it was plastic.

I saw this out my window....

After settling in, I took the complimentary car to the LYS, the Shabby Sheep... The complimentary car was a huge, spanking new, black SUV with mirrored windows. On the way to Boll St., I discussed the Republican primaries with the driver, in French.
I spent an enjoyable half hour chatting with the knitters in the LYS. They were like knitters everywhere, they just dressed fancier.

There was yarn bombing to be seen. 

I spent my yarn money on three skeins of something calledMerino Miain the Plum Dandy colour way. Dyed in Florida, but looks and feels like Koigu. That was a local as I could get. 
After I made my purchase, I sauntered next door, where a teacher was preparing a knitting lesson. 
I sat on the long porch in a wooden chair and watched the sun setting, knitting aimlessly on a scarf.

There were lovely wooden rocking chairs.

Great First Sale, or Mugging? You tell me.

" So I'm sitting on the plane to Dallas, minding my own business. A woman from a few rows back taps me on the shoulder and tells me how much she admires my shoulder shawl. 

"Gush, gush, thank you, thank you," and I go back to my book. 

About an hour later - same thing. 

"Oh I really must tell you, how lovely, my sister and my mother knit and I admire them so much, but I don't...lovely lovely."

It was my turquoise and blue Aestlight done in Malabrigo Sock. A little later - 

"Do you mind if I touch it?...I know this is a little strange, but would you consider selling your shawl to me? How much would you ask for it?"

Hmmm... I've never been crazy about the colour pooling on the edging and I made it 2 years ago.  Maybe I should just sell it to her. Why not? I take it off and show it to her. 

"Uh, it's hard to say. The yarn cost $20 and it took me hours to make it. I really wouldn't know what to charge, I've been wearing this one -  n…