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So much yellow!

Looking through my projects page, I see yellow and blue, some green and purple but then yellow again! These colours are not so far off from the ones I say I like, but I wouldn't have guessed that there would be so much yellow. The large amount of purple can be accounted for by my Auntie Margaret's stash, which she gave to me, but the yellow, it's all been purchased!

It does seem funny when you put it all together in Ravelry. Somehow, I want it to look different, richer, with less yellow. Foo. What will I knit next next?

...omg, I've been asked to knit a scarf in orange, pink, green or white!

Note to self: Must work on photography skills and avoid posting yellow and purple knits for a while - exception to be made for fantastic rainbow blankie. Make said scarf, but avoid posting, unless looks fantastic. Reconsider priorities.

I'm not really writing....

...well, I am, but I never meant to. Honestly. God knows there is enough writing in this world without my blather. I'm just trying this out to see how it fits into my Ravelry notebook.

Yeah, yeah...

Anyway, it looks like I'm in the final stretch with my Cobweb Crepe Shawl...I'm very proud that I'm hanging in there and not stuffing into a bag. I should be done with the edging sometime this week.

Really, truly...