Everything is moving slowly. The Spring, the workweek, the knitting. I moved the Hemlock Ring to a longer needle and have slogged up to row 112. There are now 536 stitches on the needle. There are 36 more rows at the end of which there will be 792 stitches. Worsted weight. Pain in the neck. Literally. I've put it aside and returned to the cardigan. 

I'm stilling proceeding slowly towards the underarms on the fronts and the back. You may remember that I'm working it in a small lace stitch. I've been a little worried that if I make a regular set in sleeve that somehow the lace stitch will conspire against me and it will end up not fitting. I had in fact chickened out of doing a set in sleeve and was ready to do a drop shoulder style and avoid the whole question of fit. 

Setting the project aside for a few days was a good idea. I have come to my senses. My plan now is to get the fronts the same as the back, blocking them to be sure of it and put in a life line. Then I can safely try out a set in sleeve and if doesn't work out, frog back and go for the drop shoulder. Why rush?

We've been having one hell of a slow moving Spring here. It has been spectacular. Anyone with allergies will tell you it's been too spectacular. Waxy yellow forsythia lurking like triffids outside the dining room window. Hosts of purple lilacs looking like lollypops crowding in at the second storey. Blooming dogwoods hovering around like flying saucers. The Lilac Festival lies between home and work and a lot of streets are closed off. Alright already. 


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