Been and gone

We have been and gone to Wakefield for our summer week off. It was quite hot and we swam every day often more than once, and as it turned out, right alongside a beaver. Once Nadia saw him pass by as she floated in the water, we switched to swimming at my sister's dock on the other side of the river. It was near the end of the week anyway.

The latest pink shawl has been sent off to an elderly and housebound friend who has a hard time dressing stylishly and loves something pretty to throw over her shoulders.

I also finished off this La-La made by holding the Noro lace yarn along with a strand of grey Karabella lace weight Mohair. Someone commented that he wood really brings out the grey in the scarf in this picture. That made me laugh.

While in Wakefield, I made my annual appearance at my friends' knit night. It was held at potter Maureen's with my sister Tina, friends Julie and Kathryn, and a couple of others in attendance. I don't remember their names but they had done interesting things locally like bringing back midwifery in the 1970's. Kathryn has been hand dying Amtex yarn - superb yarn, superb colours. She has a small studio in Wakefield and has done some kits with patterns by Julie. Hope to see more from them. Wish I had a link to share.

It was a fun but exhausting week. We had to cart in our drinking water. Good thing there were 2 sisters and a daughter to spread the load.


shandy said…
The grey does set off the other colours nicely.
Re knitting from dog hair - the neighbour had her German Shepherd clipped for the summer. There were two distict colours of hair. My husband's aunt enjoys a challenge and has just resumed spinning after having a shoulder replacement op. I think even she found it a bit much, as the fibres were often very short.
Mary Lou said…
Ah Wakefield. Looks perfect. Why did you have to haul in water? That shawl is lovely - sounds cozy and light.
Helen said…
They have beavers in Edinburgh Zoo and although I've contemplated their pond on many occasions, I've only ever seen one once, on a day when it was pouring rain. He was walking up a flight of steps on his hind legs with a huge lump of mud in his hands and we exchanged looks. His was baleful. Presumably they come out and have parties at night.

But the wood does bring out the grey - lovely shot.

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