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Knitting the Hitofude: the first 12 pattern repeats

The first part of the Hitofude involves knitting 17 pattern repeats. I'm on the twelfth. I manage one or two per day. It's tempting to start another project, but the Hitofude is so beautiful.
 I placed markers to make it easier to know where I am. The yarn is a dark colour, too dark for me to really see what I'm doing, so the markers help. I'm still not sure that I understand how the pattern works. I'm just following the instructions. 

Knitting the Hitofude: in the beginning

The Hitofude Cardigan first caught my eye when it appeared on my Ravelry Pattern page, the one that they select for you based on what you've knit and faved, etc. Then I saw a friend working on it. When she was done, it was just as lovely in person as it appeared to be on Ravelry. 

The Berroco Ultra Alpaca light seems to be working well. The gauge seems OKAY and it's a lovely yarn to knit with. I'm told that it doesn't pill. I wonder if that's true.