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Post Script

Thank you all for your comments.
The Pink Blaze is simply a very traditional pattern writ large by using worsted weight yarn. A plain knit centre with feather and fan border and scalloped edging.
Shandy, let's face it, mohair always sheds, it just shows more on black. But some of the new mohair yarns don't seem to shed as much as the older ones. This was from a cone that I acquired in a the Guild auction. It had probably been hanging around someone's stash for decades.
Maybe I will knit another one, but it's time for a break from the feather and fan. A long break.

Here's a preview of progress on the second Fir Cone shawl...more on this soon.

Pink Blaze

Finally! Funny how you can talk yourself into a state about things.
I had all but convinced myself that this knit would never be done. The last eighth of the edging took about 2 weeks to finish. I worried that the change of yarn weights between the centre square and the border would not work out. I worried that it was too pink. I worried that the slightly darker colour of the centre square would make it look like a baby had pooped on it and it wouldn't wash out. But I was tired of it as my couch companion so I finished it off and gave it a wash.
This is for Bronia and Zoe. May it give you years of pleasure. My only warning is don't get near it if you're wearing black (it sheds a little) and don't kill each other fighting over it. My husband's remark this morning was, "Why don't you make anything like that for us?"
Yarn for plain knit centre square: Pingouin Jarré (cotton, wool acrylic) Yarn for border and edging: Cascade 200 Heathers knit with mystery l…

Fir Cone Border Swatch

What's a blog entry without a photo? Here are a couple of pics of a swatch that I have done for the border of the second Fir Cone Diamond centre.

I used the leftover pale green yarn for the swatch below, but the shawl in question will be of the dull blue gray colour of the same yarn - Karabella Lace Merino. Same stitches, different colour.
The inner border is the Candlelight stitch From Sharon Miller's Heirloom Knitting. It looks sort of like the Fir Cone stitch. The outer border, which almost looks like an insertion before the edging, is the Cat's Eye stitch and the edging is the Traditional Scalloped Edging from the same book. I think they'll fit well together with the Fir Cone.

The pink blanket is still with me. It just needs one more push to finish the last 1/8th of the edging.