FO: North Sea Jacket

As explained in an earlier post, this cotton jacket consists of two basic stitches, Abbey's Herringbone Lace and Walker's Seaweed, thus leading to the name. Under dull or artificial lights, the colour is a dark, black green, but in bright sunlight, it acquires a blue green hue. The textured stitches add interest but more importantly give the garment, which is knit in a cotton DK yarn, added structure. I knit it without a pattern.

The next time I make this jacket, I will knit the fronts and back as separate pieces and make sure to adjust the Seaweed pattern so that the fronts mirror each other rather than having the Seaweed stitches facing all in one direction. Also, I might lower the profile of the neckline. Otherwise, I am very satisfied with this project. I will try to get a decent pic taken on a person, but for now, here it is on a hanger:


And here's the shore of the North Sea itself, taken from the Northumberland coast.


I am very impressed with your jacket - especially seeing as you knit it without a pattern!
It looks great!
Marjorie said…
The jacket looks really nice. It has just the right amount of texture to give it elegance without being overpowering.
Raveller said…
Thanks for the encouragement! I'll try to get a better picture.

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