Down the garden path, in which I finally read the ball band and get lost in VK

Had a look at the ball band for the Koigu KPPPM and realized that I was using a needle size bigger than recommended so no wonder it seemed too loose. In any case, as Marjorie wisely points out, what's important is how it looks. I've reswatched Fleurette in 3mm (3 US?, or 4?, I'm not sure) and I like it much better.

In the news - I finished the North Sea Jacket and wore it to work on Monday. It fits very nicely and is comfortable. I need to to reinforce the buttonholes a bit. Photos soon.

Monday night was the annual yarn auction at our Guild at which time all sorts of discontinued yarns are brought out of people's attics an closets and put up on the block. I successfully bid on 6 skeins of a mohair called Sabre ("Made in Israel") in shades red and green (they actually work well together, believe me) as well as 6 skeins of Pingouin Corrida 3 (60% cotton/60% acrylic) in Cerulean blue ("Made in Belgium"). Remember Meryl Streep in the Devil Wears Prada? Ceruuulean! The local newspaper was there taking photos for the Saturday edition. That should be interesting.

Also in the news - rumour has it that Knit-n-Purl is actually going to close and NOT reopen like we all hoped! Time will tell.

Feeling virtuous, I immediately started swatching my purchases. I swatched my way through the Barbaras (Abbey and Walker) and onto VK Spring/Summer 2008. And I quote from page 89, - "Placid in Periwinkle." !!!!

Do they think that nobody is reading? Are they testing us? I mean, Placid? In Periwinkle? Poor Gayle Bunn! She's the designer of "Placid" - perhaps someone is trying to get at her. In the pattern section, it's simply called "Medallion Top." I actually swatched the lace section, even though I could hear my sisters saying, "Helen, what are you thinking - you're too big for that pattern!" What eventually stopped me, however was the weird cable in row 7 - you have to put 1 stitch on a cable needle in front and 6 on another cable needle behind. Simultaneously. Seems like that could be accomplished more simply. Maybe. Well, I like the way the sweater looks on the model even though the writers must have been absolutely staring mad when they wrote that section - "Cobalt from the Blue," "The Lapis Luxury..."


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