Koigu possibilities

Marjorie asked in the comments what am I going to do with the Koigu? The photo of the swatch I posted on Friday (in a pitiful attempt to inject colour into the blog) is "something" from Walker's Second Treasury. Can't remember what just now. I picked three small open work stitches from the Treasury to swatch. I thought I'd do a fairly simple short cardigan with an all-over textured pattern. I think I'll swatch a bit more. I'd like a stitch that lies flatter than the one in the photo. This yarn i so beautiful.

I'm looking forward to being done with the cotton jacket. I've started the sleeves, two at a time to keep them even looking. Attending work every day is holding me back on my knitting gosh darn it!

The weather roils on outside, now wind and rain finally to bring the gardens back to life.


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