After rough blocking the body of the North Sea Jacket and sewing the shoulders together, I am once enthusiastic about this garment. It is possible that it will turn out to be smaller size than anticipated. The writer sighs deeply. The sleeves are coming along slowly. No photos of it today, however.

In fact, this photo business is generally slowing me down. I am waiting for the scannable camera that will automatically transfer the photos into my computer. That plus more free space on Flickr. I have reached my 200 photo limit and am too stingy to purchase storage space. I could pay the 3 bucks on Ravelry for slurping privileges, but then I'd either have to put my credit card info online or get a Paypal account. You can see what I'm like.

Heavens. I would rather investigate Picasa and other free sites. I have been combing through my Flickr photos and deleting some. Anyone got any ideas? Other than, like get a life?

On a totally different topic, before I started the North Sea Jacket, I knit a little curtain out of the Soho Summer for the light booth at the dermatologist's office. What is this light booth?

The light booth is a tiny closet-like affair papered all around with a reflective covering. It has special floor to ceiling tubular light bulbs in the corners. Light therapy is used to treat patients with conditions like psoriasis. You put on protective eye wear and stand in the booth for a short period of time several times a week. You can knit or read or just think about things while you're in the booth. The purpose of the window, I suppose, is to allow you to wave at the nurse or maybe just to help people who might feel claustrophic.

Here's a picture of the curtain. You can see that I knit the Little Pyramid stitch (Walker, Second Treasury, page 8-9) into it. Just the thing for cotton. Another nice aspect of this stitch is that imparts a kind of vertical undulation to the fabric. Makes it wavy. Very suitable for a curtain.

You can just see the two choices of dark glasses hanging on the white rod at the bottom of the photo:



Marjorie said…
I had the same caution about using my credit card on line. Some cards companies will give you a temporary number to use for a single transaction. I've not tried that option--I generally stick to sites I know are ok. Call your credit card company to see if that is available.

The Koigu should make an interesting sweater. I just have bits of Koigu, but some day I'd like to knit the Charlotte's Web shawl.

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