First, I've decided that setting in sleeves once a month is enough - The Koigu cardi, which will henceforth to be referred to as The Big Swatch, is going to be a drop shoulder affair with gussets like a gansey, but open in front. I'll use the Fleurette pattern all over but may intersperse some seed stitch to give the eye a rest. My hope is that it will drape nicely and look elegant. I think the challenge will be to knit it the right size. I'm worried that the lace will stretch out and I don't want it to end up looking like a dressing gown.

Secondly, I've given in and cast on for another project - the Hemlock Ring Blanket. I saw it blocking, here, looking like a big chocolate cookie. That did it. Time to cast on. I've had this pattern in my queue for a while. Doesn't it look like a relaxing knit with all that feather and fan? Plus, since I cannibalized my own grey lap robe to finish the Grey Amusement, my office chair has been naked. I know, this isn't very summery, but cold weather will be back before we know it. Forgive me for mentioning this.


Marjorie said…
I thought that blanket was great when I saw it on Jared's site some time ago. I'd rather set in sleeves any time than tackle something as huge as a blanket!

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