What a Difference a Hat Makes

As soon as I got outside, I knew that I would have more to add to this morning's post.

We had a heavy snowfall here - about a foot over the last couple of days and since it's late February, it's wet, heavy, heart attack snow. Nevermind. I went at it. My wonderful neighbour had made a first pass and cleared up about 8 inches of it yesterday morning, so no problem, right?

I got through about 75 feet of driveway done with the shovel and noticed a guy with a plow up the street. Yay for neighbours and for guys with plows up the street! I did the bit behind and between the houses and he did the long bit in front of the house for $10.

After that, I could not pass up on making a snowman. It was really quick, and I got to use a few knitted items...a scratchy scarf and felted hat.

He's a Janus, with one face to the street and another to the house. I like him better without his hat, don't you?

His hair is from old peony stems.


Mary Lou said…
I much prefer him hatless. The hair was a great touch. And I salute you for making a snowman unaided. We all need to do that more.
Raveller said…
He slid to pieces after an hour or so, I'll try again tomorrow. Maybe a fort.
shandy said…
Wow - more snow. We have moved on to wet and windy now.
practical katie said…
The hair makes the snow man!
Marjorie said…
Great snowman. I must confess that when I was done shoveling, all I wanted to do was get inside.

That was indeed awful snow to shovel.

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