Wakefield Socks Finished

I am one of those people who begins to fret when all of my hand knit socks are in the laundry. With every year that goes by, I bring them out earlier and earlier each Fall. I usually knit plain socks or uncomplicated ribbed socks in order to get them knit up quickly and on my feet. I haven't done any of those popular patterns like the Jaywalkers, or any of Cookie A's patterns just to name a few random ones. I mostly just knit plain ones.

So, it was a bit out of character for me to knit Julie Nandorfy's Wakefield Socks, but she's my friend and they looked interesting so I went for it. The colour and the lacy pattern mark them as Spring socks, I think. After I got through the pattern once, there seemed to be a sort of Feng Shui to it. You can tell where you are by looking at what you've just done. It's okay if you don't write down the last row you worked on when you put it down for the night. God knows I hate counting rows. Anyway, I finished them and I wanted you all to see how they look...

Like Restless Needles, who has also recently finished her pair, I've been watching the Olympics all week. I've been staying up late to see the skaters, box of tissues at hand. I'm very conscious about the nationalism associated with these games. I'll admit it's a bit hard to be surrounded by people who are jumping up and down and screaming because the Americans have beat the Canadians at hockey. I'm trying to forget about all that and concentrate on the stories behind the athletes. There are some inspiring stories.

Indeed, there are some inspiring knitters as well! I started reading Needled's blog a month or so ago after Jean Miles published a link. In addition to her thoughtful posts on knitting, she has some wonderful photos form her walks in Scotland. Recently, she a had stroke and, well, read it for yourself. She is very brave indeed.


Mary Lou said…
I'm with you on plain socks. I am plain lazy. And got all teary over joannie rochette - my mother died when i was 21, so I'm sure I was teary for myself, too. And i am rooting for Canada to win the gold in Hockey. It just seems right.
shandy said…
Lovely socks. I just prefer to knit plain socks becuse I can't watch television and wear the reading glasses I would need to follow a lace pattern. What a shock it was to read of Kate's stroke on Needled, given how very active she is.

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