Knitting Olympics

Just a quick post. With the opening ceremonies due to begin in less than an hour, I want to go on record to say that as much as I want to, I won't be starting a new project for the Knitting Olympics. I say this regretfully. I participated four years ago, in 2006, starting Knitty's Ella shawl during the opening ceremonies and finishing it before the closing ceremonies were over.

I have a decent amount of free time for knitting over the next two weeks and I want to use it to to finish a few things:

1) The Wakefield Socks: I'm on the heel of my second one.
2) Pine Tree Palatine. Must use the free time I have to concentrate on this complex lace!
3) Gilet no. 2: I'm finishing up the straps, after which it's just the button, neck and armhole bands.

There are more tempting unfinished projects to choose from as well, but if I could finish these three in February, I would feel like an Olympian. But it violates the rules to choose a project for the Knitting Olympics that you've already started, so I'll be on the sidelines, watching the Olympics with my knitting.

Oh, and stay tuned - Aunty Margaret turns out not to be so shy about appearing on the blog after all so you'll get to see how her Gilet fits!


Mary Lou said…
I'm with you. I have enough to finish in knitting and work without taking on any more pressure. Look forward to seeing how the gilet fits.
Helen said…
I'll be spectating too.
Anonymous said…
Aunty margot loves her gilet and according to Margot looks better in it than the photos show.

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