Think Spring: the Wakefield Sock

I was very excited to see my friend Julie (Aniko) post her first pattern on Ravelry this past week. She's calling it the Wakefield Sock, not for any literary reference, but for the town on the Gatineau River outside Ottawa. It's a nice, short, lacy sock, perfect for Spring, or summer if you knit it in cotton.

Julie designed it for her handspun, but it has been knit successfully with several kinds of regular sock yarn to date. I got started right away with a skein of Punta Yarns MeriSock Handpainted that I picked up in the Rochester yarn crawl last Fall. This is a really nicely behaved yarn that produces a crisp stitch. The colour pooling isn't bad either. I checked back last week to see if that had any more at Spirit Works, but they're all out of it for now. The pattern is written for two circular needles but I'm doing it on dpn's cause that's what I like. It was easy to adjust. Click to embiggen, as they say.


Mary Lou said…
Lovely, I can knit one and think of the Wakefield Bakery....
Marjorie said…
Very pretty sock. I'll check Ravelry for it.

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