I Whine About My Knitting

I've been working on the Pine Tree Palatine Scarf all week with little visible result. This is supposed to be a scarf?

In what universe does this pass for a scarf?

I think the answer is technical - there is no border pattern to the lace. The pattern of mouseprints, peas and diagonals continues in one direction. Never mind that it will probably go across a single bed once it's finished and stretched out. If. Ever.

I think I'm only on row 291 out of 735. I occasionally have delusions that I'm actually on the second or third repeat of the charts on page 38, when really, I'm just coming up to the end of the first repeat. It's taken me over a year and a half to get this far. But come to think of it, I'm getting on for being half done, aren't I? I just did the math: I'm 40% through. Not so bad, though I obviously won't be finished this month. OKAY, so I'll live. Whine over.

NOT QUITE. My fingers are shot for lace because of all the snow I'm having to shovel since the snow blower gave up the ghost. Yes, I AM grateful that my wonderful neighbour Emily ran her machine over my driveway yesterday morning, but it's kept on snowing since.

Here's how it looks out the window. Quite pretty. I'll eat some soup and go out with my shovel.


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