More and More

Sunday brought more snow. More shoveling. I scrabbled away at it for a couple of hours, under the delusion that I was doing something very important. In the end, I kind of made a fort on the side using flower pot molds to make rough crenellations, hoping it wouldn't melt too quickly. It hasn't.

I've posted a couple of pics of Gilet 2 at the end. It knit up really quickly in the Germantown.


practical katie said…
I love the fort effect you made with flower pots! I'm going to do that next time (!) it snows!
Mary Lou said…
Great fort effect! Next snow you can make an igloo if it keeps up at the rate it has been for you all. I love the Gilet and the color.
shandy said…
That is a really neat garment. I keep looking at the fairisle tunics currently being worn with leggings and concluding that they are for the young. Your gilet looks more wearable.

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