Hosta Blue Cadet

Here's a photo for Shandy who made my day by asking where to send mittens for the community knitting drive for the Rochester schools. Mrs. Nellis would certainly bless you!

I grew these hostas from nubs or eyes or whatever they're called that I purchased at Home Depot. I've split them up a couple of times. Plants always seem to do better when you grow them from seeds or roots. 

But really, thanks for your comment. It's the end of a long work week and it really lifted me out of the doldrums to read that someone from overseas might actually want to contribute to our humble effort. Our goal is to gather 500 pairs of mittens in time for the cold weather. We never talked about sizes, but these are for grade school children (ages 5 or 6 through 12 or maybe more) so any size is welcome.  I have been using this pattern by Elizabeth Durand. Very basic. I've been thinking of jazzing them up by knitting exclamation points and various punctuation marks into the palms of the mittens just for fun. Many thanks.

Mittens can be sent to this address, or for those here in the area, just bring them to the first RKG meeting in September.  Marcia will faint, I'm sure, if there are a lot of pairs.

Community Knitting
Rochester Knitting Guild
PO Box 92264, Rochester, NY 14692


shandy said…
I'm thrilled: lovely hostas just for me!
I've picked out a giant ball of rather bright blue yarn for the project and I'm all set. I do have a pink pair already in stock, with thrums. How cold does it get in your neck of the woods? Also, any views on wool/acrylic? The blue yarn is only 25% wool. I like to buy my yarn for community projects as cheaply as possible, ideally from charity shops and boot fairs. But this seems in the spirit of the 1933 ground rules.
Marjorie said…
Your hostas are beautiful...and I'm so jealous. I wish I could grow them (and they do grow well here), but the deer will eat them within a day or two of planting.

I do have surprisingly good luck with mums, though, and the deer seem to hold off on them until they're out of hostas and day lilies.

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