Fireflies and Sour Cherries

There were fireflies when we went for a walk this evening. It's really hot - about 90 F or 32 C and for some reason I didn't mind it today even though I was heaving books around and driving in the car for much of the day. Funny that. Normally I just melt in the heat.

On Sunday morning I went with friends to pick sour cherries. I picked, washed and pitted about 8 pounds. I froze a bunch, made a Russian summer drink called kompot and a kind of fruit crisp dish for people who don't like oats or regular pastry. Tough customers I have. 

About the Big Swatch, Helen, I think I might get back onto it this week. I've been pushing ahead with the blanket edging but it's so deadly that I have to turn to something else occasionally and I have only about 10 rounds left on Big Baby before it's done. That means I'll be turning to Big Swatch next. 

Myfanwy  - I've borrowed the Gladys Amedro book from a friend who purchased it recently. If I do knit it, the first thing to sort out will be exactly how much yarn is required. The book says 10 hanks of 1 ply cobweb lace wool (Jamieson's). The question is, since the time of writing, did Jamieson's change the amount of yarn in their hanks of 1 ply? How many yards/meters are required? According to the Ravelry pattern page, we'd need 2250 yards of 1 ply for this shawl. The Jamieson's site says their Cobweb Ultra has 175 metres per skein. Raveller LisaRae, however, says their cobweb skeins have gotten larger. Her project page says she used 3800 yards. Wah!


Myfanwy said…
Shades of my childhood, we had a sour cherry tree in the back yard. I must have pitted millions of those things over the years. Cherry Tart is still my favourite.
Re: the "shawl" : The quantities listed in Gladys' book would be based on the old 15gm hank. Bear in mind it will depend on what size needle it is knit on as well. I bought the Fiddlesticks Knitting Laceweight and was assured I had bought more than enough. I have 2520 yds or 2304 m.
shandy said…
I'm glad that you liked my shawl. For me, an added delight is that the yarn cost about £2.50. I think it would be wearable with a summer dress or as a blankie. I love your pictures of your garden and verandah. Is there an address to which one could send mittens for your programme, and is there a specific size range needed?

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