Better than Hosta Blue Cadet

Six. Count them - Shandy in far away Essex, UK has knit six (!) pairs of beautiful blue mittens for the Rochester Knitting Guild community knitting mitten drive. I'm am completely stunned. Not only are there many pairs, but two pairs are beautifully patterned. If that doesn't motivate us Rochesterians to knit mittens, nothing will.

Here's another super photo of Mrs. Nellis from the Albert R. Stone Negative Collection, Rochester Museum & Science Center. The description reads: "Samantha Stanton Nellis stands in the doorway of her home, located near Naples N.Y., where she and her daughter-in-law, Mrs. Nathaniel Eaton, live. She is wearing a dark dress and dark bonnet with a white knit shawl wrapped around her shoulders. She holds a broom in her right hand and a dust rag in her left showing that even at the age of 107 she still does chores around the house." 

Poor old soul. They can't seriously have made a woman that age wield a broom. This picture is similar to one said to have been printed in the Rochester Herald, January 21, 1917. Maybe I'll try and track it down in case there was an article about her.

Check out the shawl. Any ideas about the pattern?


Helen said…
If I know my 107-year-olds, she probably insisted on doing the housework. My mother, grandmother and aunt were and are the most independent women on the planet: my 90-year-old aunt mentioned to me recently how she 'hates' being met at the station. She has been known to lie about the train times so that we can't do it. So I think Samantha probably dusted regularly and gave poor Mrs Nathaniel Eaton hell. Wonderful photo.

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