Mittens in the Mail

Primetime Knitter is a modest and shy soul, but I'm going to thank her here on the blog anyway. 

Sarah Southgate  of the RKG wrote me last night to let me know that Primetime's Target Wave mittens have arrived here in Rochester, NY. A good home will be found for them. I understand that we now have met our goal of 300 mittens for the schools. We can now stand proudly with the knitters of the 1930's

If any of you Rochesterians out there who are reading this, know any details of the mitten distribution to the schools, please do write something in the comments.  I'll see what I can find out at the Guild meeting on December 8th.

Many thanks, Marjorie for your contribution and  inspiration! Here's a summer's day for you. Wish I could give you a real one!


Marjorie said…
Aw shucks. I'm going to have to show that to my son. He thinks I'm anything but modest and shy.

I'm glad to have helped out.

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