Getting a few things done...

Here's the wreath I made by twisting a few leftover Xmas tree branches around a coat hanger and anchoring them with tin ties.

Given the weather, it was a miracle that our visitors arrived more or less on time, their luggage intact. It has been wonderful to have another knitter around. My sister brought 3 pairs of loosely knitted slippers with her and we felted them in the washer. I've never had so much fun sitting around the basement. The slippers fit well, and will take the shape of our feet, but in the beginning they looked like they were made for the Cat in the Hat. I like them all, but especially the ones on the left. Which pair is your favorite?

I heard that a few of you tried making shortbread. How did it turn out? Is anyone willing to fess up in the comments?

I've finished the Lace Ribbon Scarf and sent it off to Ottawa with Christina. Poor thing. Her plane back across the lake keeps getting delayed in increments of 1 hour. Maybe we'll have her back for the night and felt the knitting needle case that she's been working on.

... and continued on with socks and the Hemlock Ring Blanket. I'm in the last 5 rounds before the long cast off. There are almost 800 stitches in each round. It's absolutely mind numbing. I think the colour change is working out though...


Helen said…
Thanks for the festive wishes. The sore throat has lasted far too long, but I started knitting again last night so that must be a good sign. I hope you're not too cold with all that pretty snow :)
Marjorie said…
I like the blue and maroon slippers, but that is one of my favorite color combos.

Have a Happy New Year.
frances said…
I love the pair on the right helen, and the wreath you are a regular Martha Stewart, can you find me a good pattern for a bag that I can print fabric for?

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