Getting in the mood

I've come to realize that wherever you live in a cold climate, snow is a much bigger deal if you are dependent on a car. If you live in the city and rely on public transportation, snow can be a pain, but it's not all that bad. I bussed it to work for 20 years and I still laugh when I see the reporters on TV standing in front of the local freeway, commenting seriously about 6 inches of snow. I am coming to realize why they do it though, now that I am more dependent on a car. Snow really does throw drivers for a loop. You have to worry about the condition of the car, the tires, gas, etc. It's taken me 10 years to get this through my noggin, but I think I'm finally catching up with the rest of the world. 

We had some intense snow yesterday but we were OK as we only live 8 minutes drive from work and have 4 wheel drive. If we had to we could have slogged home on foot. Personally, I love the snow. I do. Today, the sun came out and we enjoyed a bit of shoveling.

Then we drove out to get an Xmas tree.  

The prices have really gone up so we just go a smallish one that sits on a table top, just big enough to create the right atmosphere. At Powell's out on Marsh Road, they had a lovely fire going inside where you go to pay for your tree. I took some discarded branches to make a wreath for the front door.

Finally I could avoid it no longer and have started to clean the house. In the process of cleaning downstairs, I went through about 6 bags of knitting that were stuffed into nooks and crannies around the couch and put away a rather precarious pile of books and magazines. I found a tape measure (always a good thing), a tube of toothpaste and a shameful amount of yarn leftovers. I straightened out all the wips and put them in their own cloth bags which I then stuffed back behind the couch. Hah!


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