It's all worn off...

... the effects of my wonderful October vacation, that is. My vacation glow lasted until Thanksgiving week, when I caught a bad cold, now more or less gone. I'm left with sore ribs on one side. Coupled with dark cold weather, lots of spreadsheet duty at work, and waking up in the middle of the night with a pain in the side, I became convinced that I'd be lucky to get off with walking pneumonia at best. Lung cancer, more likely. 

I've had this feeling before. I usually ignore it and it goes away, but this time it was quite severe, so I went to the doctor. After much poking and prodding and running up and down the hallway with something attached to my finger, the doc informed me that I have inflammation of the ribcage cartilage. 

Go home and take ibuprophen, you've been coughing too much. 
I have Not been coughing. 
Well, sometimes people get it without coughing. 
What else makes them get it?
Well, maybe nothing at all, it just happens.
Could you get it from Rolling Like a Ball?
Say, what?
It's an exercise where you curl up and roll back to strengthen your core...
Well, I suppose it's possible.
Oh, well then I won't do it...

Nifty the way I worked that out, eh? I hate Rolling Like a Ball and I am glad not to do it for a while. I do like most of the other Pilates exercises. I go away feel nicely stretched out and relaxed. 

On the knitting front, I've also hit bottom. I abandoned all my projects and knit 4 good hats and then 2 not so good ones. A kindly knitter at the RKG talked sense into me on Monday night.  I had started another 1840 Nightcap using Sockotta on size 2.75mm (2 US) needles. "It's a bit too open, isn't it? Even for a chemo cap.." She was very gentle. I put it away.

The next day, I took the little boy's sock that I had been working on for a colleague's son with me to work. The son was there and he tried it on. Skin tight it was. It would have fit him until New Year's and that would be it. Into the frog pond it went.

I started another nightcap, a plain one for someone who has been bugging me about it for months. Another hat on the needles. It must be finished by Monday. 

I also continued work on the Ribbon Lace Scarf but am not enjoying it. The Malabrigo Lace yarn is very fine. This project feels endless but I know it will look stunning. I am sticking to it as it's my one bit of Xmas knitting and it must be finished . 

Somewhere, I have a sweater body and arms, knit in the round up to the part where all you have to do to finish it is the fair isle yoke...

At one point, I picked up the near finished Hemlock Ring Blanket. I only have about 40 rounds left before casting off. Figured I'd get a lift from that - a quick finish. Not. I ran out of yarn. 

I did do a few Xmas cards and made a list of everywhere that has to be cleaned and everything that must be done before Christina (my sister) and Nadia (my daughter) arrive.  

In my mind, I'm very  organized. See how I keep a positive outlook? Nifty, eh?


shandy said…
I recognise that "pain in th e ribs" condition. very easy to convince yourself it's a heart problem, because it feels so alarming. Then the doctor pointed out the the heart is in the centre of the chest, not under the left breast... But it did feel serious at the time...
Helen said…
I have that too. I've had it for years, and have been able to detect absolutely no pattern to it whatsoever. It just arrives and departs with no warning and no explanation and what absolutely baffles me is how fast it can go sometimes; you can go from being in a state of agonizing tenderness to being absolutely fine in no time at all. I have found that a glass of wine eases it a bit (only in the evening, of course :)) although I can't see why that should be, since it isn't muscular.

I hope the knitting resolves itself soon, and becomes a pleasure again.

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