Big Fir

So, I was saying about the fir. About sitting under it. Did I mention I had a bad cold? I do, but it's getting better. I overdid it last Friday at work and woke up the next day feeling my throat was in a vice. As a result, I've been doing a certain amount of sitting under the fir and, yes, knitting.

Somehow, with the change of seasons the sunshine now plays all morning on the back porch. I've been driven to the back of the garden. Here's the view ahead:

You can see that I was working on the Heartland Lace Shawl. I worked on it enough that the 20 row repeat of the Bison Tracks portion of the pattern became almost like music in my head. Boring music. 

I watched the turquoise ball getting smaller and smaller and started thinking that maybe I'd stop while I had enough for a pair of gloves. I did one more repeat. I looked at the ball and thought, well, just one more and then there will be enough left to embellish some gloves knit in a darker colour. Then one more. 

I stopped at 295 stitches on the needles which I think is about 6 repeats of the Bison Tracks, for anyone who is contemplating doing this. Then I switched to a dark teal for the River (or something?) of Life edging. I have 20 rows to go. Yeehaw!

On second thought, I shouldn't say such things about this shawl. It's going to be a beauty. I wonder how big it will be? Not too big, I hope. Just enough to sit on the shoulder under a winter coat over overtop to dress things up. It will have taken just under 1 skein (433 yds/400 metres).

So that is that.

Next, I finished the second sleeve on the dreaded Side to Side Ribbon Pullover. I sewed it up and it's not as bad looking as I thought it would be, though I think it does look a bit like some of the costumes from Alexsander Nevsky. Thanks to Helen of Chronic Knitting Syndrome for that link! Hopefully it will look well on the wearer. The two sleeves are actually the same size.

Here's a seasonal picture. The last of the tomatoes ripening in the sun...


Helen said…
I think that as long as you don't wear a bucket upside down on your head, no-one will spot a resemblance. It looks lovely. Monty Python and the Holy Grail really did ruin historical cinema for ever, didn't it? Still makes me laugh though.
Raveller said…
It's going to a friend. Barter for a pair of silk trousers. She's several sizes smaller, otherwise I might have modeled it. Maybe I can talk her into a photo!

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