And they were there...

A group portrait of boys from the Western New York Institute for Deaf Mutes located at 1545 St. Paul Street. The boys, wearing dress jackets and ties, are pictured here with knitting needles making socks for servicemen overseas. The socks, along with other knitted items, will be included in Red Cross packages sent to the WWI soldiers.
Notes Printed in Rochester Herald, February 3, 1918.

Image from the Albert R. Stone Negative Collection, Rochester Museum & Science Center

I don't think there's a single one of these guys who is not into his knitting, do you?

It's been a busy week in knitting for me, although I don't have any new pictures. I'm just finishing up the second blue sock that I talked about last week, the one with the lavender scented strand of mohair knitted in along with the sock yarn. These are for my Auntie Margaret. I'll push on to make a second pair for Michael. Can't have him setting out for the golf course smelling like lavender, though so I'll have to forgo the mohair strand.

I've got to finish these 2 pairs of socks within a week or so that I can deliver them in person in Northumberland, UK in October. The Canadian government finally coughed up my passport last week (phew!) and now I feel more comfortable talking, and even thinking about this trip. I envision myself sitting for two weeks in front of a stunning view of sheep and cows meandering across a bucolic landscape, whilst I knit madly away on the Pine Tree Palatine and other sundry concoctions... There will be occasional excursions to stretch our legs on the sands. I'll find that photo, it's here somewhere!

Meanwhile, I went for a walk in the rain yesterday and entirely by accident took this very nice picture. I wish I could capture images like this purposefully, but, well...luck counts for something, right?


Helen said…
Northumberland is lovely, but pack something warm. Only an hour or two by train from Edinburgh...

I like the boys' long black stockings, very practical.
Helen said…
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