On the Needles

The Grey Amusement, as I'm calling it for want of a better name, is coming along nicely. Since I'm knitting it without a pattern, it has a very organic look to it and lots of imperfections, but what the heck. For example, I knit a big diamond pattern in the middle made up of little diamonds, surrounded by a garter stitch border that's quite a bit wider at one end of the triangle than the other. It's long enough now to keep me warm while I'm working on it. Sometimes it feels almost too heavy to knit and I switch to the Weaver's Mini.


The Weaver's Mini is coming along slowly but surely. Anonymous asked in the comments "What's the mini-shawl for? Is it a cozy for a doll or a lamp or a bottle of wine?" I looked back at that post and laughed. It does look like a tiny shawl lying on a chair, doesn't it? I can picture a bunch of those little dolls made out of bottles, dressed up in mini shawls and having a gab about their knitting. There's scope for fun there. They could wear swatches and have different personalities. Hmm...

I must say I have no idea why the pattern has the word "mini" in the name. I fully intend to knit this baby until it comes right down to my waist or as close as I can get before I run out of yarn. Then I'll track down a complimentary yarn and knit on a lacy edging all around. I'm thinking of a darker shade of the same colour in a similar weight yarn.

Meanwhile, I knit a third Star Tam from Homespun, Handknit. I really like this one. I used some kind of variegated yarn from Cloverleaf Farms for the top and some leftover dark blue Ultra Alpaca for the rim. Knit on 3.5 mm (4US) following the pattern exactly. It should fit a smaller head, which is what I was aiming for. It's drying now...



plainjane said…
I love the tam and the shawl is beautiful!!

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