Distraction? Or Focus?

I needed something that I could work on while listening and talking. It had to be a project that would help me focus and keep me from fidgeting. It's a terrible thing, but often, if my hands aren't occupied my mind wanders and I don't hear what's said to me. Does this happen to you?

I used to knit plain socks in these situations. It worked for me for several years, but now I can't seem to motivate myself to knit socks unless I'm out somewhere or in the car. Even then, but I'll get back to it. I love wearing those handknitted socks!

I'm very excited about a project that I started on the weekend. I ran into Rabyll at our last Ravelry meetup and she had a lovely shawl with her. Rabyll pointed me to The Weaver's Wool Mini Shawl from Knitlist. Rather than do it in garter stitch as the pattern calls for, I added the simple allover pattern that Rabyll had used - seed rib check (Barbara Walker's 2nd treasury, page 11). Here's how it's looking...



Anonymous said…
What's the mini-shawl for? Is it a cozy for a doll or a lamp or a bottle of wine?

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