Oh yeah, here's what we did during the holidays...

Seems like an age ago, but over the Xmas holidays I drove up to Montreal to visit my daughter who had all this and more decorating her living room:


Which led to lots of this:


And eventually this:


and much later this:


and this little ditty:

We used it to wrap up presents. The technique is called Nuno felting. We did not know what we were doing but I found a reference to someone's detailed instructions on the web. The link was dead so I put it into the indispensable Wayback Machine and recovered them. Our efforts met with moderate success but we had tons of fun.

After all that, more things seem to have popped up on the web! Here's a helpful video on YouTube done by an enterprising Texan gal! Oooops. Well, we still have a lot of leftover fleece...


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