Purple, blue and orange

I've managed to maintain slow but steady progress on the 20 row repeats of the Queen's Lace edging around the Purple Island despite a major distraction. It just happened, I tell you.

I'd been walking past the same pile wild orange coloured balls of Karabella Lace Merino in the LYS for months. Last week it came to me that this yarn would perfectly complement and in fact give a boost to the 5 skeins of Jojoland Melody that I have been stashing for a few years. Now Jojoland Melody is a fine yarn, somewhere between sock weight and lace weight. it has nice slow and subtle colour changes. People on Ravelry have made lovely things with it. But I adore combining mohair with other yarns. It adds such depth. I've done it before with mohair and alpaca in the same pattern, Cheryle Oberle's North Sea Shawl from her book Folk Knits. It's a fun and easy knit. For most of it there is just one lace row so you can knit it without looking at the pattern too often. Gotta go!


Mary Lou said…
Excellent choice! Those colors look wonderful together.
Linda said…
I love the color enhancement both of those yarns get from being knitted together. Too bad mohair causes itching at my neck - that's a really great idea.
Marjorie said…
Mohair often does better combined with a less fuzzy yarn--the only drawback is tinking to fix mistakes, but that is a problem with mohair even if it isn't combined.

It looks as if your tomatoes ripened on cue.

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