Everything's coming up orange

It's drying. I can hardly wait to unpin it and take it out in the light of day.

The pattern requires knitting two Crest of the Wave borders and a smaller lace centre. For the borders, I just knit the yarn as it came, but for the centre I tried to control the colours, clipping out the orange and knitting blues, turquoise and purple only. Orange lace mohair throughout. Better pictures soon.

Oh yeah, these are actually cucumbers and they taste good too. Not sure about why they are orangey yellow. Could it be because they were planted between tomatoes and strawberries?


Helen said…
Cucumbers? Really?
Raveller said…
They're supposed to be pickling cukes. I just googled and learned that some varieties turn yellow or orange when they are overripe. I also learned that as long as you have these overripe cucumbers on the vine, no new ones will grow. Supposedly.
Mary Lou said…
It took me a minute to figure out that it was your fingers, not some strange pink thing forming on the cukes. I've never seen any like that, but I haven't grown lots of cukes. I was going to plant some this year and forgot. Just as well with the crappy garden year we are having.
Marjorie said…
Yellow or not, you're having a better cucumber year than I am. The cucumber beetles attacked all four of my vines and my summer squash (only one was left).

That shawl looks intriguing. I can't wait to see the modeling shot.

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