And what have we here?

I went to work early this morning because it was freshman move-in day, and we had to park father away than usual. Turned out that I had some extra time so I walked around campus looking for statuary to use in my modelling shots of the Wild Orange.

I think this guy needs someone to manage his image.

Here's a closer shot:

It was really hard finding a cooperative statue...

So I gave up and hung it on a tree. Meh. I only had 15 minutes, after all.

It turned out that an ordinary office table was just what was wanted.

Now it's back to the Purple Island. Stay tuned!


Mary Lou said…
Love the colors and how that turned out.
fleegle said…
What great photographs! And a great shawl--it's gorgeous!!

Laptop's head is big enough already, thank you very much :)
Helen said…
Gorgeous. I think that's the loveliest thing you've knitted out, of a lot of lovely things. I would admire your patience but I expect it's something darker than that. Obssession?!

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