The Green Carpet

If there was ever a day to plaster my web page with photos of my new green shawl, today's the day.

Pattern: North Sea Shawl by Cheryl Oberle (Folk Knits)
Yarn: About 1000 meters of laceweight baby alpaca. I used a Russian yarn called Orlis, held together with a strand of Karabella Mohair Lace (2 skeins).
Needles: 3.5mm

Howay, Ginger!


Helen said…
That's beautiful. And I don't mean the cat, although he is too.
Raveller said…
There are several cats who hunt in our garden, and we are very grateful to them. This one is always particularly bad tempered.

In the picture, her is going into the Yew where there are often little birds and sometimes rabbits.
Mary Lou said…
Nice - I love the stair carpet look. I awoke this am to a bit of white carpeting outside, but spring is coming.

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