Red, Red and Red

Here is my finished Rock Island, before and after blocking. This was the first time that I knit with Madeline Tosh Lace and I must say that it was very satisfying. It is both strong and soft and it the colour has depth. It's a present for a friend who is moving away, though it's very tempting to keep it.

It has been very hot, 33C or 92 F last I looked. My cucumbers sprouted today. In this weather, you have to keep an eye on the small plants and water them often. Sadly, the longer garden hose is set up to water grass seed on the front lawn so I've been hauling watering cans to my humble little vegetable patch. There are masses of strawberries too, not yet ripe but clearly enjoying the heat.


Mary Lou said…
Gorgeous - and aren't you the needles on fire knitter? That was fast. It was 103 here on Tuesday. Right now it is 53 at 7 am. My strawberries got all excited, I hope the cool snap doesn't confuse them. The roses love it, though.
Raveller said…
Thanks M'Lou. It went quickly. The trickiest part is the edging and that's not even really tricky. There is lots of garter stitch in this pattern.

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