Pink Update III: among the tomatoes

To re-cap - I started at the top with 11 repeats of leaf lace motif from Forest Canopy. On the last row, I increased one stitch for every yarn over in order to transition to several rows of garter stitch, maintaining the openness of the leaf lace. Then I knit the bead lace chart from Heirloom Knitting, a few more garter rows. I finished up with the Wave lace chart (also from Heirloom Knitting). It's sort of a Rock Island knit backwards with leaf lace instead of garter for the centre.

Purists will insist that my edging is backwards but frankly, it's not a problem for me.

Here is our local feral cat, Cleo. She's fixed and has had her shots, thanks to our neighbours. Here she is lying on the cat pedestal, under the birch.


Mary Lou said…
The shawl is gorgeous. The edging looks just fine from here!
shandy said…
That looks so lovely against the green of the bushes - like summer berries.
Marjorie said…
It doesn't look backward to me--it looks lovely. Such a beautiful color.
Helen said…
I thought I had left a comment here, but it appears that I didn't. I think it's a beautiful combination and that your edging is the best.

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